• Mold is green to brown in color.
  • Remove product from discolored area
  • Saturate a cotton ball with “Fresh Nail” and apply to discolored area and leave on for One (1) minute


  • Fungus looks like free-edge is getting longer (actually the natural nail is lifting from nail bed)
  • Recommend removal of all sculptured nails or remove product from problem nails only
  • Recommend that client should treat fungus with “Thymolize” 3 to 5 times a day underneath the free-edge at the hyponychium, every day until the natural nail reattaches.  The same goes for toenails.

NOTE: Fungus is very dangerous and can spread to other fingers and other clients.  If you do not see any improvement within 7 days, you need to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist or your physician.